Guide for Race or Die 2

Guide for Race or Die 2


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更新日 2012-06-08

開発者 Scott Carpenter

バージョン 1.0

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Get the ultimate guide for Race or Die 2, brought to you by! This guide features everything that you need to become the top racer in no time: ★ BOSSES - where to find every boss and the mastery mod! ★ JOBS - complete job details, including every mastery reward (including the mod!) ★ ITEMS - cars, parts, tune ups, and loot - detailed info on EVERY item in the entire game, including where to find them! ★ COLLECTIONS - find every collection item! ★ MODS - find every mod! Search for a specific mod by name or effect (+attack, +defense, decrease bank fee, etc.) ★ ESTATES - hourly income for every estate (even if you're a hyper!) ★ WEEKEND CODES - we provide you with the weekend codes so that you never have to find them yourself! ★ AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! ★ Constantly updated with new information and features! For a full list of game guides search "Scott Carpenter" in the app store! We currently have guides available for the following games: - Original Gangstaz - Global War - iMob 2 - Race or Die 2 -------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: This is an unofficial guide designed for use with Race or Die 2, a game by Machine Zone, Inc. This app is in no way affiliated or associated with Machine Zone, Inc. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.
Guide for Race or Die 2
Guide for Race or Die 2
Helpfull app for players,but im still waiting for updates to connect with game when its done app is ...