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更新日 2012-05-16

開発者 Science Seals

バージョン 1.0

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Based on UniProt (Universal Protein Resource), iProteome is a mobile application to find information, tryptic peptide sequences and backbone fragmentation ions commonly found in mass spectrometry. You can start with a search of the UniProt Accession number or Gene Symbol for any human protein in the UniProt complete repository. The complete single letter amino acid primary protein sequence appears. If you choose to digest, the listing of tryptic peptide (strick cleavage rules) will appear, with the option of either looking at the ladder sequence with b- and y-ions listed, or a tabular view of b- and y-ions. From the primary protein sequence page, one can also look for further information gathered from the repository. A description including molecular mass, sequence length, it’s recommended name and the protein’s involvement in disease is tabulated. Below that are a summarized description of post-translational modifications (PTMs) along with a tabulated listing of each PTM and it’s amino acid location. Further below, is the text of the protein’s function and a listing of the following Gene Ontology classifications: Cellular Compartment, Molecular Function and Biological Processes. Finally, a link out to the UniProt, GeneCard and PeptideAtlas websites are provided. Included for ease of use is a Favorites listing for the user's most commonly search proteins.