Dog ePost

Dog ePost


価格 無料

更新日 2012-05-17

開発者 Keshet Productions Inc.

バージョン 4.16

サイズ 44.3 MB

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Dog ePost allows you to quickly and easily stay in touch with friends and family, no matter where they are. A modern version of an old custom, Dog ePost allows the user to send electronic postcards using email, Facebook or Twitter. Users can choose from 106 different templates representing themes ranging from General, Holidays, Occasions, Sentiments and Specialty. Included are over 100 pictures of Keshet Rescue’s residents categorized as creative, full body, group shots and portraits. New pictures of the residents will also be available for free download on a regular basis. Of course, the user may also choose to take or upload their own pictures for use in any of the templates. Keshet Rescue In response to increased euthanasia of large breed dogs, Keshet Rescue provides a refuge for owner surrender. We understand that there are an infinite number of reasons for pet owners having to give up their pets. The reasons for giving up a pet are only of concern to the individual. Keshet is concerned with ensuring that the pet is not lost in the circumstances. Keshet Rescue’s focus is large breed dogs because we believe that large breed dogs are more at risk. Unlike other rescues, many of our residents are older and/or have medical conditions. For this reason most of them are not good prospects for adoption. So although we call ourselves a rescue, we are in fact a refuge for many of these dogs. To learn more about Keshet Rescue, please visit To stay informed, also consider downloading the free Keshet Rescue application ( It allows you to view Keshet Rescue news, events videos, pictures and enables you to share them with your friends. It also advocates using Facebook and Twitter.