Family Cart

Family Cart


価格 無料

更新日 2012-04-19

開発者 Coach Roudy Enterprises LLC

バージョン 1.0

サイズ 11.5 MB

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Why should I use Family Cart app? Family Cart app helps children learn the benefits of the foods they eat, and therefore helps them make better choices in the grocery store. Also when you work together with your children while grocery shopping, it brings your family closer together. What is Family Cart app? Family Cart app is a grocery shopping app that helps children learn about the benefits of different food items while shopping at the grocery store with their parents. How does Family Cart app Work? Family Cart app helps children learn more about the foods they eat. For example when selecting an apple, the app will show children that this fruit is good for their heart and has vitamin c. The app gives children these facts, and many other facts, with fun and colorful images. When's the best time to use Family Cart app? The best time to use the Family Cart app is when grocery shopping with your children. This helps build family bounding time and teamwork. Where can I download Family Cart app? The Family Cart app can be found on itunes store for free for a limited time only. Yes that's right, free! Does Family Cart app use a point system or a reward system? Yes. Family Cart app gives you more points for purchasing healthier items in the grocery store. Pasta, rice and grains will earn you more points than snacks and sweets. You can use this as incentive while grocery shopping with your children. For example if you and your child are able to reach over 400+ points while grocery shopping then you can reward them with something you know they will like (Disney, park, a play date with their friends etc).