Sparky the Shark, A Frighteningly Funny Adventure Lite - Interactive Book App for Kids

Sparky the Shark, A Frighteningly Funny Adventure Lite - Interactive Book App for Kids


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更新日 2011-12-09

開発者 Biscuit Interactive

バージョン 1.1

サイズ 17.4 MB

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REVIEW OF FULL VERSION: ★★★★ "Sparky the Shark is an interactive storybook that your children will most definitely enjoy. The book is made up of over 30 beautifully designed illustrations, each accompanied by a unique musical background that makes the story look even more real. These features, along with the short paragraphs that make up the story, are guaranteed to make your child ask you to read him over and over again." ★ MEMBER OF MOMS WITH APPS ★ -- ABOUT THE FULL VERSION STORY: LITE VERSION INCLUDES FIRST 7 PAGES ONLY Sparky is a friendly shark who is misunderstood. In Sparky the Shark, follow Sparky and his penguin pal Dax on their belly-laughing adventure to find Sparky a new 'look' so he will be accepted by people. This upbeat and hilariously funny story and the 'hero's ending' will be a guaranteed hit with your child and those young at heart. Children will want to read it over and over and play with the wonderful interactive animation and funny sounds. INCLUDED IN THIS LITE VERSION > First 7 pages of story ONLY > Disguises Activity Fun Page FULL VERSION INCLUDES > Fun and upbeat story with a hero's ending > 33 pages filled with laughs, interactivity, hidden sounds, animation & beautiful illustrations > Each page has music, animation and interactivity to engage your child and make them feel part of the story. > Your child will love following Sparky on his journey and relate to the characters and story. > A story your child will read over and over again. -- SPOILER ALERT: Don't read this part if you're looking for a surprise. This story is a lovely example of self discovery and the yearning desire for acceptance and understanding. Sparky and his friend Dax don't understand why people are afraid of Sparky. Sparky desperately wants is to go to the Sand Sculpture competition and not ruin it for everyone. So they embark on an adventure to change particular aspects of Sparky's appearance. They visit 3 funny locations where Sparky tries changing his teeth, covering his fin and finally disguising himself by wearing a costume. But every time Sparky tries to change his appearance, it doesn't work. Instead he looks hilarious or absurd and they end up laughing so hard, they fall to the floor. He asks his wise old Grandpa for advise. In the end, Sparky proves to himself and everyone else, that he is a good shark and he just had to be himself. Grandpa was right and Sparky is a hero. -- REVIEWS ★★★★ "The greatest thing about Sparky the Shark is that it isn't a static book. From the sounds that are playing in the background to the moving images, Sparky will make your child feel part of the story." -- FULL VERSION STORYBOOK FEATURES - 33 fun & beautiful illustrations - Music, interactive hidden animations and sounds on all pages - Read To Me, voice over narration option - Pages function for quick navigation - Includes an interactive ‘Disguises Fun’ page for more frighteningly funny disguises -- FOLLOW SPARKY & FRIENDS On Facebook: Twitter @sparkytheshark Web children's interactive storybook, kids books, apps, education, entertainment, reading, fun, words, shark, ocean, marine