JamUp Pro XT - Amp Effects Processor

JamUp Pro XT - Amp Effects Processor


価格 無料

更新日 2013-03-14

開発者 Positive Grid LLC

バージョン 2.2.0

サイズ 131.9MB

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JamUp turns your iPad/iPhone into a powerhouse Multi-Effects Processor, Loop Station, iTunes Jam Player for guitar and bass. ★ JamUp is the No.1 amp-and-effect app with the highest user ratings. ★ Featured worldwide by Macworld, Guitar World, Guitar Player, Premier Guitar & Guitarist. ★ Works with Audiobus as input, effect and output unit. JamUp Pro XT comes with 6 amp models and 16 effects, features the “Tone Sharing” platform, 64-slot preset manager, multi-function Loop Station, iTunes Jam player, tuner and metronome. JamUp Pro XT is designed with the JamUp Plug ($19.99, available on Amazon.com), and it works any USB and headset iOS guitar adaptors, StompBox and AirTurn pedal. JamUp Pro XT offers the largest collection of amp and effects models on iOS platform, it features ”Metal Pack”, “Classic Pack”, ”Effect Pack”, ”Bass Pack” and ”Boutique Pack". Each amp model is carefully measured and analyzed based on the actual unit, and it's developed with Positive Grid's MESH MultiStage modeling technology, it offers superior articulation and tube-like touch response, see our user reviews. "The JamUp app is really versatile for the beginner or advanced guitarist. Being able to create killer guitar tones from scratch with the fine selection of amps and effects is is a touch away with the easy to use interface, and a "must have" for all touring guitarists." - Jeff Loomis, Nevermore "I'm really impressed with JamUp Pro XT. This is easily the best sounding guitar app out there. It took me about 3 minutes to dial in a usable tone to jam with. I bring my iPad with me whenever I travel, and JamUp Pro helps me to keep the ideas flowing when I'm away from the studio." - Keith Merrow "JamUp is the perfect go to app for mobile devices. I use it for practicing or writing when I'm on tour. And unlike other mobile guitar apps this one actually sounds badass!" - Ola Englund, Feared, Fearedse “The amp and effects models on offer in JamUp Pro’s smartly laid-out interface are well voiced, with surprisingly full dynamic ranges, consistent output levels across a range of gain levels, and a playability that you have to experience to appreciate.” - Premier Guitar “The amps and effects give a wide range of realistic, finely customisable sounds across a broad spectrum of industry favourites.” - Macworld FEATURES: - Realtime amp and Multi-Effects processor - Up to 7 simultaneous stomp + amp + cabinet + rack - JamUp Pro XT includes 6 amp, 16 stomps & rack models - In total 36 amp channels and 30 stompboxes and rack models available via in-app purchase - ToneSharing, download FREE artist & user created presets, or share your own - Drag and drop signal path for easy tone creation - Realistic 3D interface for intuitive controls - Loop Station with undo feature, start mode selection, synchronized metronome, file sharing - iTunes Jam player to access your iTunes library with time stretching (pitch/speed) engine - 64 slot preset manager - Built-in tuner/metronome - MIDI controls - Audio Copy/Paste - Support Audiobus COMPATIBLE ADAPTORS/CONTROLLERS: - Designed with JamUp Plug (available on Amazon.com for $19.99) - iRig, Ampkit - Apogee JAM, Mobile In, iRiffPort, Alesis IO Dock and any USB interface - Griffin StompBox, StudioConnect - AirTurn Wireless Footswtich NOTE: Apple doesn't allow to transfer in-app purchases between apps, amp/fx are not transferable between JamUp Pro XT and JamUp XT. You can upgrade to JamUp Pro XT directly from JamUp XT via in-app purchase. More Information: www.positivegrid.com www.facebook.com/positivegrid
JamUp Pro XT - Amp Effects Processor
JamUp Pro XT - Amp Effects Processor
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JamUp Pro XT - Amp Effects Processor
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JamUp Pro XT - Amp Effects Processor
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JamUp Pro XT - Amp Effects Processor
JamUp Pro XT - Amp Effects Processor