ibisPaint X - Speed Painting App

ibisPaint X - Speed Painting App


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更新日 2011-09-15

開発者 300834419

バージョン 1.2.1

サイズ 8.0 MB

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The ibisPaint can make speed painting movies that show how you painted it. You can encode and upload the movies to YouTube by one tap. Share the movies and share the joy of painting! *Base concept / Features - Enjoy painting with best usability. - Smooth painting, high performance. - Uploading painting movies to YouTube. - Sharing the art work URLs on the Twitter or the Facebook. - Downloading others' art works. *Difference between ibisPaint and ibisPaint X Layer functions are always available for paid version (ibisPaint). In ibisPaint X, they are pay option. You need to purchase the functions in app to use them. Once you bought it, you can use the functions forever and at this time there is no difference in two versions any longer. *Functions Of course, ibisPaint has adequate functions for paintng. [Paint brush functions] - Smooth painting up to 60fps. - 19 kinds of paint brushes - dip pens, felt tip pens, digital pens, air brushes, fan brushes and flat brushes. - Brush parameters - thickness of starting/ending, opacity of starting/ending, initial angle of brush and brush angle following/not following to motion. - Real time brush preview. [Area selection functions] - 256 grades selection for each pixels using the selection layer. - Inversion(horizontal/vertical), moving, rotation and zooming in/out of selection areas. - With selection area painting, filling, layer cloning, layer merging down, layer moving, layer rotation and layer zooming in/out. - Magic Wand function (Selection by color) - Lasso function (Selection by free line) [Layer functions] (Optional) - Layers available up to 6. - Layer opacity. - Layer modes(alpha blending, adding, subtracting) - Cloning layers, import from the photo library, layer inversion(horizontal/vertical), layer moving, layer rotation and zooming in/out. [Color functions] - 30 saved colors. - Color selection using a color circle, HSB sliders and RGB sliders. - Drug and drop color saving. - Tap and hold color picker. [Painting functions] - Over 100 steps undo/redo at max. (Depends on storage space.) - Tools - Paint brush, eraser, filling and color picker. - Smooth zooming in/out (from 70% to 3000%) [Functions to enjoy works] - "My Gallery" shows your art works. - Play painting movies. (The playing speed can be modified.) - Export to the photo library as a picture(png) or a movie(mov). - Encode painting movies and upload it to the Youtube. - Share the art work URL on the Twitter or the Facebook. - Push notification when a comment is posted on your art work. - Download others' art works (we call it "vector files"). - "Local Gallery" shows downloaded art works of others. - Import/Export vector files via iTunes. *Lastly We want you to enjoy painting on iPad with ibisPaint! Have fun! ibisPaint web site: http://ibispaint.com
ibisPaint X - Speed Painting App
ibisPaint X - Speed Painting App
ibisPaint X - Speed Painting App
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ibisPaint X - Speed Painting App
ibisPaint X - Speed Painting App
とても使いやすいです( ´-` ) ぜひ水彩でも塗れるようになると嬉しいです!
ibisPaint X - Speed Painting App
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