Asian Sleep

Asian Sleep


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更新日 2011-07-16

開発者 314498716

バージョン 1.0(iOS 4.0 テスト済み)

サイズ 114 MB

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FORGET WHERE YOU ARE AND WHAT STRESS YOU, JUST LET YOURSELF FALL INTO A DEEP RELAXATION OR SLEEP LIKE A BABY. GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE TO FEEL BETTER. Asian Sleep is a innovative concept for relaxing, combining the easiest way of mixing sounds, with a complete set of beautiful high resolution images. Select your favorite sounds, listen, then look at the selection's slideshow for a deep relaxation experience. You wouldn't want to stop listening to your creation and admire your screen once you tried it! FEATURES: * Mix your favourite sounds together with different volume to create your own personal melodies * 30 High quality sounds including: * 19 Sound Effects * 11 Music Tracks * High-res images associated to each sound for easy mental imaging * Slideshow of sound selection image, for a complete integration with the mix * Avant-garde easy to use individual sound volume adjustment * Complete Alarm & Timer system. Use your own favourite as alarm to wake up slowly or fall asleep with a sleep timer * Main volume with control to easily connect with your Airplay devices! * Clock display with brightness adjustment * Includes 4 off the shelf staff's favorites! * Save, name and replay your favorites easily * Complete help screen to ensure you don't miss any features Give a try to Asian Sleep today, and let us know how was your experience!
Asian Sleep
Asian Sleep
Asian Sleep
アプリでよく眠れるようになりました! それに、私は学生なので勉強も集中できます!!!
Asian Sleep
Asian Sleep
寝る前にリラックスするために聴きます。 オフタイマー付きなのでそのままぐっすり眠れます。
Asian Sleep
自然の音が心地よく、癒されます。 オススメ!