価格 無料

更新日 2011-12-27

開発者 Philippe LEFRANCOIS & Guillaume LEMERY

バージョン 2.0

サイズ 18.2 MB

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The famous game Diaballik is now available on iPad and iPhone ! In this board game inspired by team sports like Hand-Ball, Ultimate, Football, Rugby etc., the players have to bring their ball on the opponent’s start line in order to win the game. To do so, each player has to be active both in attack and defense. Based on simple rules, this game actually requires a good strategy and offers quick and dynamic games in which the player can, until the very last minute, reverse the situation and win! Each in turn, the players can perform 3 actions in whichever order: They can move their holder twice, one square at a time (it can be the same holder twice or two different holders), and do one pass with the ball. There are a few restrictions: the holder which holds the ball cannot be moved, a holder can only be moved horizontally or vertically, passing the ball is only possible on an horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, whatever the distance, as long as no opposing holder lies between the two holders involved in the pass. Add to this a last rule as regards unfair game and the whole set of rules is no longer than this paragraph. This game is within the reach of everyone and children as young as 6 can rapidly enjoy playing. Play with them and you will be amazed at seeing how quickly they learn! This iPad version offers: A two players mode (local) to play against your friends, your children etc. A one player mode to play against an artificial intelligence with 4 levels of difficulty. The possibility to play on two different kinds of boards (classic and alternative) The same gameplay as in the board game. The possibility to stop and resume the game later. Average game duration: 15 minutes Diaballik is a game by Philippe LEFRANCOIS The iPad version was designed by Philippe LEFRANCOIS and Guillaume LEMERY. The board game version is edited by 1-2-3-Games All rights reserved