Chinese Vocabulary Quiz 123

Chinese Vocabulary Quiz 123


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Chinese Vocabulary Quiz 123 (CVQ 123) - The easy and fun way to learn Chinese vocabulary! Learn new Chinese vocabulary in three easy steps. 1. Study vocabulary 2. Test your knowledge of the new vocabulary 3. Review the test and see what words you missed Learning Chinese vocabulary is now as easy as 123! Who is it for? The application is for Chinese learners who wish to improve their knowledge of Chinese vocabulary. Whether you have just begun learning Chinese or are at a more advanced level, CVQ 123 is for you. All that is required to use the application is basic understanding of PinYin and the tones used in Mandarin Chinese. How does it work? STEP 1 : Study -> Study a set of Chinese words with their PinYin pronunciations and English definitions STEP 2 : Quiz -> For each of the words studied, the user must select the right PinYin pronunciation and English definition. The tones must be drawn on top of the characters (feature unique to CVQ 123). STEP 3 : Review -> Review the content of the quiz, find out the correct answers for the words that were incorrectly answered CVQ 123 features - Over 8000 words (from the official HSK list) covering four different study levels : Basic, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced - Support for BOTH simplified and traditional Chinese - Word browser : Have a look at the entire 8000+ words database - Smart word selection : As you learn new vocabulary, the application remembers the words you correctly/incorrectly answered and will keep asking the words you missed until you answer correctly - Remember the tones : User has to draw the tone on top of the Chinese characters instead of just entering a number.