Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite

Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite


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更新日 2011-04-15

開発者 Taconic System LLC

バージョン 1.0

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Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite keeps track of your important health stats, including blood pressure, weight, and heart beat rate, right on your iPhone or iPod touch. It is one of the best health tracking apps with lifetime data visualization, now for free with features hard to find anywhere else. These include, 1. Ease-to-use interface to record your blood pressure, weight and heart rate 2. Graphical charts for visual trend and warning 3. Data export through email in multiple formats 4. Data import through iTunes file sharing 5. One tap data backup and restore through embedded email link 6. US and international weight unit support The all-in-one data entry form lets you enter your measurement numbers right after the app is launched, and instantly serves the updated trendspotting-friendly charts according to the norms from American Heart Association. Need to communicate with your doctor about your recent measurements, or just want to visualize old health record data? No problem, this app lets you send your health stats data through email. It even allows you to import your existing data records through iTunes file sharing. You will be able to visualize your health trend and get a real sense of your health condition. Have multiple iPhone or iPod Touch devices, and want to have the same data/charts on all of them? No problem. With the easy data backup and restore feature, it's just a matter of couple of taps to get the data visualized on all of your devices with our free Blood Pressure Monitor program.
Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite
Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite
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Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite
Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite
Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite
Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite