FRENCH - free speech! (FRENCH for English speak...

FRENCH - free speech! (FRENCH for English speak...


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This is the FRENCH phrase guide you have been waiting for... The one-of-a-kind features of this unique phrase guide application will make learning and speaking even easier and more enjoyable! And best of all, by touching a line of text, you can listen to a fluent narration of the translation! More features: "Play All Mode": Plays the words and sentences, one after the other... just listen, repeat - the easy way to absorb the new language! "Horizontal Positioning": Turning the device horizontally lets you view and enlarge the sentence. By touching the screen, you can scroll through the sentences and listen again to those you have selected. "Search": A powerful search engine enables you to instantly locate any word or phrase to express yourself immediately. ========================== This version comes with all text of all 20 chapters, and full narration of chapters 1-3. GOPRO with in app purchase upgrade to enable narration for all chapters! ========================== The application is divided into topics taken from everyday life, making it suitable not only for tourists but also for all those interested in understanding and expressing themselves in basic situations without having to delve into the fundamentals of grammar and syntax. 1. Things you need to know 2. Starting to Speak 3. How Much, How Many? 4. Common Questions 5. Important Words 6. Adjectives 7. Numbers 8. Colors 9. Days of the Week 10. Telling the Time 11. Personal Details 12. Hotels 13. Car Rentals 14. Friends and Business 15. A New Language 16. Phone Conversations 17. Restaurants and Food 18. Taxis 19. Public Transportation 20. Shopping Enjoy!