Magic Piano

Magic Piano

  • ぴあのひけるひといいな
  • ピアノのいらない
  • ピアノ不要ジャン

価格 無料

更新日 2011-05-05

開発者 290596339

バージョン 2.0

サイズ 19.9 MB

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鍵盤の感度は良好、音もきれいで練習には最適 From concert pianists to harmonic hamsters, Magic Piano has captured the imagination of the world. Finally, the #1 iPad piano app is available on the iPhone and FREE for the world to enjoy! Featured in the New York Times, TIME and MacWorld, Magic Piano lets you experience the joy of making music. PLAY THE HOTTEST SONGS FROM LADY GAGA TO MOZART - NEW SONGS ADDED WEEKLY! Choose from the largest song catalog of any piano app and play effortlessly by following beams of light. From classical to pop, Mozart to Lady Gaga, play the songs you love. Enjoy new songs every week! Hot new hits are constantly added to the app, so check back for new releases and suggest songs on Smule’s Facebook page. This week's NEW songs: • Poker Face • How To Save A Life • The Entertainer • Bad Romance • Moonlight Sonata • Mad World • Drops Of Jupiter Get songs for free! Each Wednesday one new song will become free to download, so don’t forget to stop by and add to your song library! PICK UP AND PLAY EFFORTLESSLY Inspired by international piano superstar Lang Lang, Magic Piano makes you a piano prodigy. Play your favorite songs with your own spin and sound great every time. You control the notes, rhythm and tempo of each piece while Magic Piano serves as your guide. THE COOLEST KEYBOARD AROUND Experience three magical keyboards: circular, spiral and traditional. Switch back and forth easily and drag your finger to scroll up and down the keyboard. Make the keys larger or smaller by pinching your screen or remove the keys entirely and play your favorite songs by following beams of light. SHARE YOUR PERFORMANCES WITH THE WORLD Share your performances with other Magic Piano players all over the world on the Smule Globe in the app. Listen to other players’ songs and let them know when you like their performances. Share with friends through Facebook, Twitter and email.
Magic Piano
Magic Piano
Magic Piano
毎日ひとつ、無料でプレイできる曲が増えるので(選べはしないけど)、課金ナシで遊べます。 クラシックが多いので、ポップとか他に弾きたい曲があったら無課金は難しいかも。 ちょっと不満なのは、休符がリズム...
Magic Piano
Magic Piano
オールアクセスパスで、毎日クラシックを楽しんでいます。曲が豊富なのでいいですね。 リクエストも出来ますが、必ずUPされるとは限りません。たまたまかも知れませんが、数曲は叶いました。 有料でも、個人リク...
Magic Piano