n-Track Tuner

n-Track Tuner


価格 無料

更新日 2010-12-23

開発者 n-Track

バージョン 1.0

サイズ 6.5 MB

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Tune your guitar, bass or other instrument with n-Track Tuner. Just put your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad next to your instrument and play each string, the tuner will automatically recognize the note you're playing and tell you wether you need to lower (green bar) or increase (red bar) the string's pitch. The spectrum analyzer provides a visual feedback of the notes played by the instrument and shows a small arrow to highlight the harmonic that the tuner has recognized and tracking its pitch. You can tap on the spectrum analyzer to switch visualization mode. For those who prefer to manually tune their instrument the 'Diapason' view lets you play a reference tone, 'A' (440 hz) or any other note that you can select dragging the frequency slider.
n-Track Tuner
n-Track Tuner
n-Track Tuner
When I change A from 440Hz to 442Hz, and go to another tone, then back to A, Its frequency is 440! i...
n-Track Tuner
不具合に対する修正も早くして頂き感謝しています。 これからのバージョンアップ楽しみにしています。(^_^)
n-Track Tuner
レビューを参考にしました。チューナー機能だけ、周りが静か、アコギ、サックス、クラに使う分には充分過ぎるほどです。 ワザワザ、アコギ用のエフェクター立ち上げなくて良いし、田舎で9v電池もコンビニに売って...
n-Track Tuner