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JAZZRADIO.com, the web’s most popular Jazz radio network, is now all yours in this free cool app! Listen for free and enjoy countless hours of the best jazz music around. Enjoy over 25 of our special jazz radio channels programmed by passionate channel directors from around the world. To learn more about us visit our website at http://www.jazzradio.com FEATURES: * Unique radio channels programmed by real passionate channel directors. * Not sure which channel to pick? No problem, explore the Styles list with predefined groups to make discovery fun and easy. * Full iOS 4 Support – stream music in the background and control audio from the lock screen or with external controls. * Favorites to save your favorite channels for quick and easy access. * Set higher or lower stream bitrate preference for when Cellular vs WiFi is used. * Optional buffer bar with data usage display. Great for tracking data plan usage and cellular signal issues. * Optional instant in-app upgrade to Premium to switch to even higher audio quality and completely commercial-free streams. Check out the free Premium trial within the app! CHANNELS INCLUDED: * Classic Jazz * Cool Jazz * Trumpet Jazz * Saxophone Jazz * Mellow Jazz * Smooth Jazz * Straight Ahead * Piano Jazz * Guitar Jazz * Bebop * Hard Bop * Piano Trios * Bossa Nova * Fusion Lounge * Contemporary Vocals * Smooth Vocals * Vocal Legends * Smooth Uptempo * Swing & Big Band * Latin Jazz * Timeless Classics * Sinatra Styles * Blues * Avant-Garde
でもcontemporary vocalsというチャンネルを聴いていると、しょっちゅう途切れてしまいます…(>_< ) それ以外は最高!! 本当に音質もいいし!!
Please give me ”Trombone Jazz” as Trumpet and Sax
バージョンアップしましたが、電池の消費の酷さは変わりません。フル充電から3時間連続で使って前は50%位だったのが、ほとんどゼロに。 選曲、音質には大変満足しています。早急な改善を望みます。
会員制なんですね。 会員登録してジャズを聴いても、無料なんですか? 音質はすごく良くて満足です!
最近アヴァンギャルドがチャンネルの表示欄に無くて震えています。 Vijay IyerやYuri Honingをこのチャンネルで知ったり、素晴らしい情報源だったので。。 アプリ自体は他のチャンネルも豊富...