How to Tie a Tie Pro

How to Tie a Tie Pro

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いいね!これはホーム画面の端っこに置いておきたいアプリ。困ったときにさっと見れるしサラリーマンはネクタイの結び方1.2通りしかしないでしょ。 Number 1 in the number of tie knots - now has 22 knots! New ads-free app with clear step-by-step instructions and bigger pictures for those who need to knot a tie easily and quickly. Many people would agree that making a tie is a big problem because we use them quite rarely. The new app How To Knot a Tie is a real life-saver for you if you don’t know how to knot ties. Clear and easy instructions illustrated by simple pictures make this app very helpful and handy. A great choice of popular tie knots and a bowtie will make you look great at any occasion! Ads-free and intuitive user interface will ensure that your attention is not distracted but firmly fixed on tying a pretty tie-knot. And you won't need any help of your wife or any other person. Just follow these simple instructions and pictures, and you'll be able to tie a pretty tie knot on your own! The app has a great selection of tie knots: 1. Atlantic 2. Diagonal 3. Four-in-hand 4. Half Windsor 5. Kelvin 6. Oriental 7. Persian 8. Plattsburg 9. Pratt 10. Simple Double 11. St. Andrew 12. Windsor 13. Cavendish 14. Grantchester 15. Manhattan 16. Balthus 17. Christensen 18. Hanover 19. Kent 20. Onassis and 2 types of Bowtie! If you don’t have much practice in making tie knots, start with making the simplest tie knots like Four-in-Hand or Simple Double. After that, you’ll get the idea of how to make other more difficult tie knots.
How to Tie a Tie Pro
How to Tie a Tie Pro
How to Tie a Tie Pro
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