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価格 無料

更新日 2010-11-20

開発者 367346409

バージョン 1.1.2(iOS 4.0 テスト済み)

サイズ 1.3 MB

  • ※上記ダウンロードリンク先は、Apple store です。
  • ※このiPhone版アプリのリンク先がない、また、価格が変更されている場合がございます。これは、アプリ提供会社による登録・変更設定となります。
  • アプリに関する個別のお問い合わせにつきましては、各アプリ提供会社にご連絡下さい。
###Monthly subscription is available! 60%-80% OFF! As low as $0.2 per GB!### ###FREE 100MB DATA TRAFFIC FOR NEW REGISTRATION!!!### ###Earn permanent quotas by recommending to your friends! Up to 20% of each your purchase!### WHAT IS IT? VPN is a 128-bit encrypted tunnel between your device (computer, iPhone/iTouch/iPad) and one of our servers. WHY HAVE A VPN ACCOUNT? If you want a total Internet traffic anonymizing experience, a VPN account is the best way to go - there’s no IP numbers to configure into the webapps, and no software to install - just set up the VPN and it’s done! Other features include, but are not limited to: -Bypass blocked websites (that have blocked you or your country/geographical region). -Bypass Skype and other VOIP blocked in your area or by your ISP. -Grant access to blocked websites at work or at school even behind restrictive firewalls. -Assigns your computer a new IP address, hides your real IP to anonymize all web applications. -Security & anonymity with a secure encrypted connection between your computer and the Internet. -Protect your wireless (Wi-Fi) connection at home or at public Hotspots. -Virtual Firewall — Attacks are often directed at a known IP address. -International Internet Users - Governments would like to prevent users from enjoying the Internet, with a USA IP there are no controls! -Unlike a proxy, you get secured connection for all programs you are using, (e.g ICQ, Email, FTP, News and anything that uses a Internet Connection) WHY USE VPN EXPRESS FOR YOUR VPN SERVICES? -Lowest Rates with 24x7 availability! 99% service up time! Beat any other competitors in market! -Optimized for iPhone/iPad/iTouch communication -Quality Network ensures your vpn service will be fast wherever you are in the world -You can try our VPN services for FREE! With up to 1000MB FREE quotas!
VPN Express
VPN Express
VPN Express
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VPN Express
VPN Express
VPN Express