Home science experiments

Home science experiments


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Science doesn't always need to be done in a lab. Become a scientist from your own home by putting on your white coat and performing the experiments in this app. Sometimes science is just plain fun! Using items that are found in the house and no more than a bit of ingenuity you can now wonder at science from your sofa, your kitchen, your bedroom or even the room where you take a bath! Make crystals to amaze your friends or whip up a slime to turn yourself into a zombie. Take your very own photos by making a pinhole camera and even make a battery from a simple lemon. Download the app to get instructions and explanation for more than 20 different fun experiments. Marvel and conjure up magic effects with these simple experiments and things to make. There’s all sorts of fun to be had and each experiment uses only ordinary ingredients and objects found in the home. Whether you’re interested in science, or just looking for a bit of fun, you’ll find all sorts of experiments to inspire and entertain. Make a helicopter, or make like a spy and write secret messages and build your own periscope. There’s something for everyone. Each experiment includes instructions and an insight into the science behind it. What happens when you take an egg, a pin, some water and some vinegar? Try it yourself and find out! The experiments in this application use common materials found in the home. All experiments are carried out at your own risk. Content does not require connectivity. Quick reference guide with detailed summary and information from wikibooks.