The Code Runner Lite

The Code Runner Lite


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THIS IS THE LITE VERSION OF THE FULL FEATURED APP, THE CODE RUNNER! - The purpose of this App is to demonstrate the functionality and user interface present in The Code Runner FREE VERSION LIMITATIONS - Code algorithms will only run for 4 minutes (Full Version Codes can run Indefinitely) Someone dying? There's an app for that... Code Runner is an easy to use program that leads you through a typically high stress situation. This program allows you to easily run medical codes by presenting the current Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) algorithms in a simple, user friendly format. Code Runner is designed to guide you through the management of cardiac arrhythmias by providing you with a continuous list of timed prompts according to the current ACLS guidelines in real time, while allowing you to log what care is delivered to your patient. Designed with all the necessary logic to limit and adjust medication doses according to dosing limits, Code Runner records each defibrillation, medication, and cardiac rhythm change during an arrest. Let Code Runner keep track of everything that you’ve done for your patient while allowing you to think critically about why your patient is coding in the first place. When a code is completed, Code Runner generates a final summary report that includes the total code time, all actions and the time they were performed, as well as the ultimate patient outcome. All of your codes are saved as Code Reports, with customizable names, and organized by date and time. This allows you to use these reports for documentation purposes, as well as to review previous codes for continued education. This program is ideal for all members of the health care team. Whether you are ACLS certified or not, Code Runner is perfect for you. Try Code Runner once and you’ll wonder how you ever ran a code without it. Features: -  Allows an individual to run the code in a more organized and efficient manner -  Contains algorithms derived from the current ACLS guidelines -  Includes code algorithms for the 4 major cardiac rhythms: - Pulseless Ventricular Fibrillation and Ventricular Tachycardia      - Pulseless Electrical Activity (PEA) and Asystole           - Unstable Bradycardia          - Unstable Tachycardia - Differential H's & T's, accessible from within an Active Code -  Code duration is prominently displayed, so you always know exactly how long the code has been running -  Prompts for CPR, defibrillation, and medications are presented in real time - Prompts are color coded for quickly identifying the next intervention - Sound and Vibration Alert for code action items - Automatic Alert every 10 minutes -  Accurately records each action and the exact time it is performed -  Medication dose limits are automatically adjusted and enforced - For example, give 300mg Amiodarone, the next dose is automatically reduced to 150mg -  Switch between rhythms during a code and the new algorithm is immediately presented while preserving all previous actions. -  Detailed code reports include total code time, all actions performed, and patient outcome - Code reports contain both Actual and Elapsed Times for each event -  Code reports are saved by date and can be renamed for easy retrieval -  Saved code reports can be used to write code notes -  All this in a simple, easy to use interface!