AIWI free

AIWI free


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更新日 2010-11-20


バージョン 1.0.2

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AIWI transforms your iPhone & iPod touch into a PC game motion-sensing controller! Let AIWI uncovering interesting new ways to use your iPhone/iPod touch! AIWI presents a unique way of playing PC games! Simply connect your iPhone/iPod touch through AIWI to PC. And you can enjoy play PC games using the corresponding sensitive touch and body movements transmitted from your device. AIWI can also turn your iPhone/iPod into a smart wireless mouse and an intelligent keyboard, easy and convenient for seminar, presentation and business use. AIWI Standard Version is Now Available!!! Upgrade your iPhone/iPod touch now, makes it more entertaining and fun as well as uniquely useful!!! AIWI free version supports 8 fun and exciting games! To enjoy more games, download * AIWI Version* now!! More than 14 games available for you to play! How to get started!! 1.Download AIWI application from App Store, install to your iPhone/iPod touch. 2.After access AIWI application from App store, please go to AIWI website ( ), download AIWI PC software. 3.Connect iPhone/iPod touch through wireless internet to PC. 4.Remember to register to AIWI member, to receive AIWI’s latest games! 5.If you have any connections problem during setup, please visit for online FAQS. AIWI Features: 1.PC Game profile & utilities tools platform/iPhone & iPod touch game motion sensing controller 2.3D wireless mouse 3.Qwerty keyboard 4.Presentation controller Ready to swing, jump and run!? Download it now, time to excise and get sweat! Languages: English System Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch: Compatible with iPhone OS 3.0 or later version & iPod touch PC: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 (32/64 Bit) AIWI PC Software Enjoy!!!
AIWI free
AIWI free
日本語入力に対応していないからまともに使えません 改善をお願いします。 日本語化もしてほしいですね! これからのアップデートを期待して星は2つ!
AIWI free
パソコン側を日本語入力にしておけば日本語入力可能です。 iPhone側で変更できるといいのですが…