Ubuntu One Contacts

Ubuntu One Contacts


価格 無料

更新日 2010-11-20

開発者 365281623

バージョン 8.7.0

サイズ 1.8 MB

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  • アプリに関する個別のお問い合わせにつきましては、各アプリ提供会社にご連絡下さい。
The Ubuntu One Contacts sync app delivers over-the-air synchronization of your phone contacts with your Ubuntu One personal cloud. An Ubuntu One account (available at http://one.ubuntu.com/) is required to use this app. Phone contacts sync is a paid feature but a free 30 day trial is available. Ubuntu One also syncs files and Tomboy notes on your computer with your personal cloud. Find out more about Ubuntu One at http://one.ubuntu.com/. Support resources: https://one.ubuntu.com/support/