Barcelona Sights

Barcelona Sights


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Barcelona Sights is a comprehensive navigation tool that shows you every major point of interest overlaid on a map of Barcelona.  Every attraction a tourist would want to see is automatically located for you.  Museums, statues, theatres, gardens, parks, monuments and anything else you could want to see – you’ll find it here! You can either scroll around the map and select points of interest to learn more about them, or you can scroll through a list of all sights and choose the one you want to see to have it located on the map for you.  Quickly plan your day by seeing which attractions are near each other! Plus you’ll see every location near you.  On the iPhone the app will detect your location via GPS.  With an iPod Touch you simply enter your current location and the app will show you what’s around!  Barcelona Sights will then provide you with directions from your current location to any point of interest you find. Every point of interest has contact info and an address so you’ll easily be able to find it.   If you’re exploring Barcelona you owe it to yourself to download Barcelona Sights to make sure you don’t miss a thing! Internet connection is required.