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Best Weather


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更新日 2011-08-03

開発者 302677215

バージョン 3.1.6

サイズ 10.0 MB

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NOTE: This app part of MegaWeather app. Best Weather doesn't have radar info. If you need radars please check MegaWeather app. DESCRIPTION: Get all the weather information you need, right from your iPhone. Any weather forecast you need is already here. It is a program that displays the information in an attractive and simple format on your screen! A lot of great features here: - Current weather - More than 40 000 cities around the world - Locations for all cities at global map - Format settings for units, date and time - Comfort temperature - High and Low day temperature - Wind direction and speed - Dew point, Visibility, Humidity - Current local time for cities - Send weather information to e-mail - Search cities by name or zip code - 48-hours forecast - 15 days forecast - Detailed forecast view - Graphic trends - Accelerometer support - Advanced control - Sounds options added - 15-days / 48-hours graphic trends added - 6-days / 36 hours view at "Home" screen - Languages support: English,Russian,German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish - GEO location search NOTE #2: For MegaWeather app customers - please don't panic! =) MegaWeather app now is PRO version with radars and some new features. Best Weather just lite version of MegaWeather with classic weather info. Content provider: CustomWeather (c) We read reviews! =)
Best Weather
Best Weather
有料買いました。 地形を有効活用した、良いアプリです。
Best Weather
天気が読み込まれなくなった ぐるぐる回ってるだけ
Best Weather