Geek Logik Careers

Geek Logik Careers


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Wouldn't it be great if there were clear-cut answers to all of your tricky Career questions? Now there are! Based on the bestselling book by Garth Sundem, Geek Logik harnesses the awesome powers of math and humor to open a massive can of whoopass on uncertainty. Simply set sliders to answer humorous questions and Geek Logik runs the numbers and kicks out an answer. Voila—now even a geek can perform at or above social norms! "Wickedly ingenious!"—John Tierney, New York Times. "Geek Logik is a hoot!"—Will Shortz, Puzzlemaster. As seen on Good Morning America, CNN, the BBC, and mentioned in Wired, Men's Health, Publisher's Weekly, Seed, and Sky & Telescope. The CAREERS version of the Geek Logik app offers clear-cut, mathematical solutions (wink, wink, nod, nod) to the following mind-blowing dilemmas: —Should you call in sick? —Should you buy something (or not)? —Do you deserve a personal assistant? —Should you go back to school? —Should you pass along office gossip? —Should you let the boss win? —Should you bring the office laptop on vacation? —Should you become intimate with a coworker? —Should you admit incompetence or fake control? —Should you quit your job? —Are you prepared? —Do you dare run for public office? —How many beers should you have at the company picnic? Simply use sliders on your iPhone or iPod Touch to answer questions like " For what percentage of your day is the song Take This Job and Shove It stuck in your head?" and Geek Logik spits out an answer with the stamp of ABSOLUTE MATHEMATICAL CERTAINTY! Or at least with much, much more certainty than the magic eight ball or the outdated decision-making method known as "thinking about it." The app includes equation calculators along with humorous descriptions of the eerily accurate logic behind the math. (Don't worry: at no point will you be asked to do anything resembling actual mathematics.) Additional versions of the Geek Logik app include LITE, CAREER and LOVE. Sometimes life outside the petri dish is daunting. Equip yourself accordingly. © Garth Sundem © ThinkFAST, Inc.