Truth or Dare (Dirty)

Truth or Dare (Dirty)


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更新日 2011-07-28

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17+ DIRTY TRUTH OR DARE GAME WITH SPECIAL GAME FEATURES Looking for good Truth or Dare questions to make your game hot & wild? How about some naughty double dares and special features you've always wanted in a Truth or Dare Game that will leave you lusting for more? Perfect for a game with sexy girls or guys you've always wanted to intimately get to know. Play with your lover or sexy crushes and find out all their dirty secrets plus see things they'll never do in public! Who knows, you may even end up with more than just kisses and laughs after you're done with this sexy game. INCLUDES THESE NEW GAME FEATURES: **** DOUBLE DARES / TRIPLE DARES **** Fun dares or truths involving 2 people! If you do it, they must too! The popular type of dares or truths involving 3 people! **** SEXY FANTASY DARES **** Who said dares are always horrible and scary? With sexy fantasy dares, you'll experience dares in a whole new light. Consider your wildest and hottest fantasies coming to life! Now that can't be bad? :) **** PASS THE DARE / PASS THE TRUTH **** Have a truth or a dare you just can't do? Pass it on with this special type of Truth & Dare to someone else. **** GET A DATE DARE **** Feeling lucky? Get this dare and you could very well get a date and romance tonight. Dares have never been so much fun! **** TRUTHS WITH SECRET DARES **** Just hate to tell the truth? Well you'll hate it even more when you have to do what you say with this special feature! **** TRUTH & A CUPID DARE **** Give those sexy players a shot at seducing you with this special truth and an open dare for others. **** FREEBIE TRUTHS & DARES **** Just like get out of jail free cards, if you get this truth or dare you got luck on your side and get to avoid doing anything for the round if you wish. **** LADIES REVENGE DARES / MENS REVENGE DARES **** Get your revenge against the opposite sex with speciality dares that cater to doing something crazy to the unlucky participant. **** MYSTERY TRUTHS & DARES **** What? Can't keep a secret? When you have a crush you're just dying to get your hands on, ask them out for a game of Truth or Dare that will get you two playing together. For entertainment purposes only. Play it today!