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更新日 2010-11-20

開発者 315241198

バージョン 1.3

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Convert 180+ currencies on the go with the XE Currency converter by XE.com – now with currency charts! With over one million downloads, this currency calculator is simple, powerful, and best of all, FREE! LIVE RATES FOR EVERY WORLD CURRENCY Get live currency exchange rates for 180+ currencies, as well as precious metals. Our rates are trusted by millions of people all over the world. CURRENCY CHARTS – NEW! View currency charts for every currency pair going back up to one year - that’s over 30,000 currency charts. USE IT OFFLINE The last rates are stored on your iPhone, so you can calculate prices even when you’re in remote areas. PERSONALIZE YOUR SETTINGS - Choose up to 10 currencies and list them in any order. - Pick how often your rates update - Select the number of decimal places shown. - Color-coded digits display the number of decimal places used by each currency. SHAKE TO RESET Perform unit conversions with a flick of the wrist. FIND OUT ABOUT MORE FEATURES Get XE Currency by XE.com, the world’s favorite currency site. LOCATION With your permission, XE Currency sends anonymous location information. For a bit of fun, see where in the world people have used XE Currency. Get more information at http://www.xe.com/iphone/ Please report any problems so we can make XE Currency better.
XE Currency
XE Currency
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XE Currency
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XE Currency
It's easy and it refreshes frequently.
XE Currency
XE Currency
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