2Do: Tasks Done in Style

2Do: Tasks Done in Style


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更新日 2011-08-01

開発者 285944186

バージョン 2.5.2

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** Featured on BCC's 'Click', App Store Essentials, Gizmodo, Macworld 4/5, BestAppEver Award Winners ** Leave it to the "Best Productivity App 2010" award winners to make THE ToDo List you've been waiting for: Zero complication. Zero frustration. Just a stunning to do list you can finally understand and use. Use with Sync or without; Sync your tasks to Mac, MobileMe, Outlook (PC) and Toodledo in no time; get Push / Local Notifications and Email alerts; share todos with others and even drag & drop between Calendars! NO other app does these better: ★ One App for all your devices. Includes a free universal version for the iPad. ★ Multi-Device Sync with Mac / Outlook (WiFi), Toodledo or MobileMe (Edge/3G/WiFi). Works with the new MobileMe CalDAV calendar* ★ Share and Sync ToDos with friends, family or colleagues using the 'Shared Calendar' feature in MobileMe ★ Instant Previews: Preview notes, voice notes or attached pictures from the main list ★ Background Sync, Sync on Exit and Sync at Launch ★ Multi-tasking, local alerts & Retina display support ★ Push / Local & Email Alarms: Easily create multiple alarms per task. ★ Projects, Checklists or simple ToDos ★ Landscape ★ Nearby (i.e. location aware) Tasks ★ Tags & People: create keyword tags; search for tags or attach contacts as people tags ★ Actions: attach contacts or other 'action' information to tasks ★ Scheduling of tasks using Start Date & Time ★ Starred Tasks ★ Voice Notes ★ Focus: Quick toggle between your tasks and a refined 'focus' list from any view ★ Repeating ToDos with end dates ★ Drag & Drop tasks from and to Calendars ★ Batch Operations: Edit, Delete, Move, Tag, Share and much more ★ Password Protection: On individual calendars or full app ★ Tabbed Calendars / Folders ★ Smart Calendars: Save a search with or without dynamic date ranges ★ Date Range search with Smart Calendars ★ Full Text & Soundex Search Search Engine: Search for similar sounding words ★ Backup & Restore: Not using a sync options? Backup and restore effortlessly with various options ★ Share Todos by Email, SMS or Twitter ★ TextExpander Support ★ Import Birthdays & Anniversaries with reminders ★ Export ToDo list view Email or as a CSV file attachment ★ Much, much more * MobileMe Sync requires a one time only in-app purchase apart from an existing MobileMe account * Mac OS Sync requires Mac OS 10.5+ Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/The2DoApp Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/guidedways
2Do: Tasks Done in Style
2Do: Tasks Done in Style
純正リマインダーとの同期ができて、Mac版がよくできていて、ウィジェットでタスクの完了ができる。 いいですよ!
2Do: Tasks Done in Style
2Do: Tasks Done in Style
2Do: Tasks Done in Style
日本語でメモを入力した後,戻れなくなる。 購入してから半年経ちますが, このバグがなかなか直らず不便です。 ToDoに細かくメモを入力される方には,お奨めできません。
2Do: Tasks Done in Style
Omni Forcusは自分にとってはどうも複雑でしっくりこなかった。しかもMac版の新バージョンは デザインの面でも馴染めない。それ以前はThingsを使っていたのだけれど、海外ではThingsCl...