Galaxy Collider

Galaxy Collider


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更新日 2011-07-30

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Galaxy Physics in your pocket! Galaxy Collider simulates the universe in your pocket. So brace yourself for the collision of the Milky Way with the Andromeda Galaxy! Galaxy Collider simulates the physics of interacting galaxies by computing the gravitational forces between the stars and the heavy galaxy centers. Galaxy collider features a high performance particle engine that can interactively visualize spectacular galaxy interactions. It uses OpenGL point sprites for rendering thousands of high-quality stars at high frame rates. The parameters of the simulation, such as the number of galaxies and stars, masses, etc. can be changed interactively to explore the infinite number of possible interactions between the galaxies. Galaxy collider uses the build-in accelerometer of IPhone or IPod touch to change viewpoints add real external forces to the simulation. For further information about interacting galaxies check out the Wikipedia article at
Galaxy Collider
Galaxy Collider
Galaxy Collider
銀河の数、星の数、背景、速度を設定して観賞するアプリであり、それだけでもあります。 天井のしみや壁の模様をボケ〜と見るような人にオススメです。