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更新日 2010-11-20

開発者 300915903

バージョン 3.0.28

サイズ 6.9 MB

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KKBOX 是目前台灣最受歡迎的線上音樂服務,您現在也可以在 iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch 上使用,搜尋您喜愛的歌手與歌曲,或者直接播放 KKBOX 精選的各類音樂一點聆與人氣排行榜,就能隨時隨地盡情享受聆聽的樂趣。 您原本已經是 KKBOX 的用戶嗎?安裝後登入立即就可使用!KKBOX iPhone 版也能夠讓您將平常在個人電腦上收聽的 KKBOX 歌單下載到您的 iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch 上喔。 想要更了解我們的服務內容,歡迎參觀我們的官方網站 http://www.kkbox.com/ 產品特色: * 超過 200 個音樂廠牌合法授權歌曲內容 * 立即體驗,無限免費試聽 30 秒短版歌曲 * 透過 3G/Wi-Fi 線上收聽並支援下載離線收聽 * 播放畫面呈現最新專輯封面並可切換顯示動態歌詞 * 可與個人電腦上的 KKBOX 同步歌單內容 KKBOX is the most popular Internet music service in Taiwan, you can now listen music from the largest licensed Chinese song collection in the world on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Find your favorite music by searching the name of your favorite artist or song, or simply select songs from the KKBOX charts and recommend lists, and enjoy unlimited music pleasure on the go. Already a KKBOX user? Just log in and enjoy. KKBOX on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is fully integrated with KKBOX on the desktop. Enjoy music on your playlists from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Visit www.kkbox.com to find out more about this service. KKBOX is brought to you by KKBOX Taiwan, a Chung-Hwa Telecom affiliated company. Enjoy the music on your playlists from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. HIGHLIGHT FEATURES: * Listening music licensed from over 200 music labels * Free song search by artist and song title with unlimited 30 second sampling of all song tracks * Online streaming via 3G/Wi-Fi connection, offline playback mode is also provided. * Album art and dynamic lyrics display * Playlist synchronization with KKBOX desktop. NOTES: KKBOX requires Wi-Fi or 3G Internet connection for streaming music to your iPhone or iPod Touch. You will also need KKBOX membership to use this app.
Especially I like the sentence level lyric display. I hope it can increase song ranges, though I und...
使いやすくて、キャッシュしてオフラインでも聴けるのが便利。 色んな曲を知るきっかけになってます。 ただ、聴きたくても無い曲もあるのでもっと曲が増えてくれればば良いなと思います。
今までの音楽アプリと比べ物にならない!! 他の音楽アプリはフルないし、わけわかんないの入ってるし
いいアプリだとは思うんですが、有料会員ならないと使えないのが微妙ですね。 無料で全部の機能使えるようにしてほしいですね、、、