Photos for Everfilter - Art Filters
自分の顔をかわいいフレームやおもしろフレームで加工して大変身! お友達と共有して楽しんでみよう!!

Photos for Everfilter - Art Filters

  • 顔写真編集アプリ

価格 無料

更新日 2016-12-10

開発者 Levon Arzumanyan

バージョン 1

サイズ  74.3 MB

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"Being fans of Everfilter app, we made this incredible photo gallery for all the fans of everfilter art filters.There are photo galleries of 2 elements, moonlight and Sunlight.See how nice can be neural networks in any photo that you want. Also in our app you can change design or write something on photos and share it.Features- Set as wallpaper- Change design of some photosThis app is made as a wallpaper app,you can choose photos and set as wallpaper to your phone."